Science Valentines (set 2: chemistry, physics)




Say it with science!

Use these patterns to print as many valentines as you need.  Save the file and print more next year!

You can print them yourself using your home printer, or you can take them to a print shop and have them printed onto a heavy weight card stock.  (Home printers can usually  handle a light weight card stock.)

You can send them as postcards, or you can put them into envelopes.

Purchase “invitation size” envelopes in the office supply section of any store.




















The astronomy and chemistry cards are single-sided.

The moon cards will need to be punched with a hole puncher.  (You use the hole to look at the real moon and see if it will fit into that tiny punched hole.)

The tops and the parachute page are double-sided.  The back side has a simple experiment you can do with the card.  Yes, the card itself is a science experiment!

The tops will need to be cut out and assembled by the person who receives the valentine.  Instructions are on the back side.

You will receive both JPG and PDF files in the download folder.