“Science in Antarctica”




This is a board game for 2-4 players.  Players pretend to be researchers in Antarctica, and move about the map board trying to complete missions given on task cards.  They can alter the roll of the picture cube if they can answer multiple choice questions about the history of Antarctic exploration.  This is an unusual game in that players are free to move about the board as they wish as long as they use the transport properly.  They might also use a bit of creativity when deciding how to achieve their tasks.  This keeps interest very high through the whole game.  It was a smashing success in my classes, and I trust it will be in yours, as well!

Target age group: 9-14

Time needed to play:  about 20-25 minutes per round, and there are plenty of cards for multiple rounds

TIP:  Allow plenty of time to explain how to play before you actually start playing a game.

Materials needed:  copies of the pattern pages printed in color onto index card stock, one pattern page printed onto a clear transparency (or substitute tracing onto other clear plastic), scissors, clear tape, white glue and/or good glue stick, a handful of permanent markers in various colors