Invertebrate Art Videos

Invertebrate Art Videos

Draw a water strider (skater) insect
59 minutes  (first 5 minutes are materials notes)

Download Printable Page

Draw mosquito life cycle

60 minutes, but there is a good “intermission” point in middle.

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Draw a copepod (a microscopic crustacean)  45 min.

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Draw a krill  (staple food of penguins and baleen whales)   45 min

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Draw an ant: 56 min.

Download printable page

Coloring page about the interior anatomy of ants: 25 min.

Download coloring page and instructions

Color the interior anatomy of a spider: 39 min

Download printable coloring page

Slug and snail anatomy: 36 min

Download template for slug/snail drawing

Daphnia anatomy coloring page: 22 min

(Daphnia magna is a tiny crustacean, sometimes called “water flea.”)

Download template for Daphnia anatomy

Draw a caddisfly larva: 26 min (plus additional drawing time on your own)

The caddisfly is an important aquatic insect because it is an “indicator species.”  For more information, and to use this project with younger students, go to

Download caddisfly template page