Invertebrate Art Videos

Draw a water strider (skater) insect
59 minutes  (first 5 minutes are materials notes)

Download Printable Page

Draw mosquito life cycle

60 minutes, but there is a good “intermission” point in middle.

Download Printable Page

Draw a copepod (a microscopic crustacean)  45 min.

Download Printable Page

Draw a krill  (staple food of penguins and baleen whales)   45 min

Download Printable Page

Draw an ant: 56 min.

Download printable page

Coloring page about the interior anatomy of ants: 25 min.

Download coloring page and instructions

Color the interior anatomy of a spider: 39 min

Download printable coloring page

Slug and snail anatomy: 36 min

Download template for slug/snail drawing

Daphnia anatomy coloring page: 22 min

(Daphnia magna is a tiny crustacean, sometimes called “water flea.”)

Download template for Daphnia anatomy

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