Desert science videos

Desert Science Videos

“Where are the deserts, and why are they there?”   (52 minutes, ages 10-16)

Reviews reasons why deserts form in certain locations, such as high pressure zones, cold ocean currents, rain shadows.

Click here to download template page for “Where are the deserts?”

Label the deserts of the world

In this version of the activity, the student is asked to write all the words themselves.  For a version with the words printed already, see the video directly below.

Click here to download template for this version of the map activity

Draw a saguaro cactus  (75 min., ages 11 and up)

In this drawing we not only draw the exterior of a saguaro, we also look at a cross section and a microscopic section. We learn about growth and reproduction and we draw a flower and fruit.  Great for review of general botany, but the student doesn’t necessarily have to have studied plants already.

Click here to download template for saguaro drawing

Label the deserts of the world– this version has the names printed already, but it is the exact same map as the video directly above this one.

Click here to download template for this drawing (this version with the names printed already)

Draw a saguaro cactus  (50 minutes, ages 8-12)

NOTE:  This is exactly the same saguaro drawing as above, only 25 minutes shorter, and with a template that gives more guide lines.

Click here to download saguaro template for shorter video

Draw a desert hairy scorpion

This is a step-by-step drawing of a desert hairy scorpion with lots of scientific info given as we draw.

Click here to download template page for scorpion drawing

Cactus “accordion” craft page.  (Ages 7-10-ish)

This craft is a small folded booklet with a hand-drawn “cactus in the rain” scene of the front and a pull-out feature on the inside that is a folded up accordion shape showing how a cactus can expand quickly when it rains and soak up lots of water almost instantly.

Click here to download printable page for this craft

Desert survival pull-tab craft.  (Ages 7-10-ish)

This craft is a half-page color print on heavy card stock, and when assembled has pull tabs to make a hands-on quiz about survival strategies of various animals (being nocturnal, hibernating, eating succulent plants, etc.) On the back there is a quiz about plant survival strategies.  NOTE:  An adult will need to cut some slots with an sharp craft knife.

Click here to download printable page– print color on heavy card stock

“Bat pollinating saguaro” coloring page.  (Any age)

This project uses colored pencils (Prismacolor brand will give best results) on black paper.  Students color long nose bat pollinating a saguaro at night.  Template page gives you two coloring sheets.  (This is a nice project to put into a lapbook about deserts!)

Click here to download template page– print on black paper.

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Paint a collared lizard.  (Ages 10 and up)


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