3D Drawing — Group Game

This activity is ideal for art classes, but will also work at home with just two or three students.  It’s great for any age, but you do need to be able to draw basic 3D shapes such as a cube or a pyramid.  A review page showing what you need to be able to draw is included with the instructions.  Each person does their own whimsical 3D drawing, but all members of the group contribute an idea for element of the drawing.   My middle school art class enjoyed it so much we had to do it two it two weeks in a row.

Color Mixing Challenge

This activity is very straightforward.  The students are given a small amount of acrylic paint in the primary colors, plus white, and are told to mix 10 different shades of blue and green, 5 shades of red, 6 shades of brown and 4 shades of yellow. Each time they mix a new shade, they paint a sample of it on a circle on their paper.  A pattern page with blank circles is provided for you (copy onto heavy card stock paper).

Ocean art

These projects are listed under Oceanography in the ANIMALS section, also.

Cuttlfish camouflage project (any age, 20-30 mintues work time)

Deep sea hydrothermal vent– collage project (any age, requires an hour or two)

Glow-in-the-dark deep sea fish coloring project (any age)

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