Mapping the Body with Art module 4: ORGANS

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In this module, we meet all the organs of the body, and some organ systems such as lymph, nervous, muscular and endocrine.

If you would like to download all the pages you need before starting the module, here are the links:

Template pages for Module 4

Info pages for Module 4

Here are both the template and info pages arranged so that double side copying will put the info page on the back of the template page: (Use printer setting: “double-sided.”)

Module 4 pages with info on back side of templates

Here are both the template and info pages arranged so that double sided copying will put the info page on the left and the template on the right so you can see the info page while you are drawing.  (Use printer setting “double-sided.”)

Module 4 pages with info on left and template on right

Here is a file that gives you copies of all the online quizzes for this module (includes answer key).

Here is a printable mid-term exam for lessons 55-73.  (You can also use it as review, not an exam.)  The format is just written questions, no labeling of diagrams.  Similar to quizzes.

Test for lessons 55-73

Answers to review test on lessons 55-73

Here is a review/exam for lessons 74-86.  (Again, you can make it a test, or just a final review.)  Format is similar to quizzes.

Test/review for lessons 74-86

Answer key for test/review for lessons 74-86


If you are interested in seeing a list of the resources I consulted, here is a bibliography.

Bibliography Module 4



Here is a heads-up about the activities in each lesson, so you know which ones involve labs or crafts.  The only lab items that you’ll have to really think ahead about is pepsin for lesson 70, and animal eyes/hearts/brains, if you want to do dissection.  (I order from  Most everything else can be purchased at your local grocery store or craft supply store.  All activities are optional.  Choose the ones that suit you best.

55: none,  56: word root puzzle, a “behind the scenes” video to watch,   57: paper model of skin, fingerprint activity, experiment with nerve endings,   58: observe hairs, hair facts puzzle page, suggestion for detective game (optional), video tour of hair analysis lab,   59: tongue mapping with tastes, count your taste buds, fluoride effects on egg shell, learn what a root canal is,   60: a few experiments with taste and smell, crossword puzzle, optional paper model of larynx,   61: paper ear model, use an online Hertz generator, ear anatomy bingo game, draw the outer ear (video drawing lesson from youtube),  62: paper eye model, online eye exam, draw an eye (youtube drawing lesson), optional eye dissection (just if you are wanting an excuse to dissect a cow eye and you know where to get one),  63: find your blind spot, online lab about lenses, online lab about colors of light,   64: crossword puzzle, animal brains matching challenge puzzle page, see brain images in Renaissance art,   65: make a brain hat, play the Ectomy card game, do some memory experiments, watch some video interviews with savants,   66: little experiments with your veins, extra info about atherosclerosis,   67: online heart surgery game, rap music style heart quiz, optional heart dissection if you can get an animal heart,   68: observe your own lungs and breathing, make a demo model with some plastic cups, optional lung model from balloon and plastic jar,   69: classic lab experiment with liver and hydrogen peroxide,  70: experiment with pepsin (order pepsin ahead of time from, listen to your stomach with stethoscope,   71: Video bingo game,   72: edible model of intestines using bread dough and sausage, use thick rope to make intestine model, optional peristalsis relay race (must make fabric tube ahead of time),   73: review quiz,   74: lab about diffusion in kidneys using potatoes and salt, review crossword puzzle,   75: dissolve a bone, do an observation lab with chicken and cow bones,   76: bone art video, try some bone art on your own, dissection of chicken backs and necks, whack-a-bone online game,   77: wiggle your patella, learn about popping knuckles,  78: try an experiment with caffeine drink,   79: listen to your muscles, muscle movement game,   80: none,   81: none,   82: learn about foods that contain iodine,   83: online quiz,   84: review quiz,   85: online quiz,   86: take an online college quiz for fun.


Please do the follow lessons in numerical order: 55, 56, 57, 58, etc.


Mapping the Body with Art: Organs