Mapping the World with Art

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Here is a video overview of the course:


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This course teaches you to draw the world from scratch (blank paper).

You will need to download the book before you begin the video drawing lessons.

Click here to download book.

The PDF book has three basic parts:

  1. History Lessons that provide a historical context for each drawing lesson.
  2. Drawing lessons in a step-by-step format
  3. Supplemental activities that include printable worksheets, board games, art and craft ideas, and group game

MATERIALS NEEDED:  There is a materials list at the beginning of the book.

Additionally, there is a YouTube playlist that goes along with this curriculum, providing high-quality video supplements that will enhance learning.  The playlist is found at the Basement Workshop channel:

If the Mapping the World playlist is not showing, click on “SHOW MORE PLAYLISTS.”  Don’t worry- it is there somewhere!   YouTube just doesn’t always make it easy to find things.


Here are a few videos giving you technique tips that might help with some of the projects in the activity section of the book:

Coloring Demo

Gluing Demo   (Since I made this video, Elmer’s glue has changed its formula and won’t do what I demo in this video.  I now order white PVA glue from

Scoring Demo  (Scoring along fold lines on craft projects is worth the time and effort, as you get nice, crisp folds.)

Painting Demo



Mapping the World with Art