67: The Heart


64 minutes

In this lesson you will draw both the exterior and interior anatomy of the heart.

NOTE:  I forgot to put this tip into the video.  If you have trouble remembering which side of the heart has the tricuspid/bicusipid valve, perhaps this will help:  Think of how you write the letters “R” and “L.”  The R has three strokes (down, curve around, then that shorter “leg”).  The L just has down and over.  Three strokes=tricuspid (“tri” means “three”). Two strokes=bicuspid (“bi” means “two”).


Template page for drawing 67

Info page for drawing 67

Sample of final drawing 67


Activity 67-1:  Dissect an animal heart of your choice

.If you’d like to include some dissection in this module, this lesson is the place for dissection of a cow, sheep or chicken heart.  It is best to get them fresh, if you can, but science catalogs also carry preserved sheep hearts.  Dissection guides are very easily found online, just type your key words into Google or another search engine.  If you can’t get a specimen but would still like to see a dissection, just type your key words into youtube and take your pick of the videos.


Activity 64-2:  A video quiz — rap music style

Are you amused by repetitive kind-of-obnoxious rap music?  Good, then you will enjoy this video quiz put together by a nerdy high school teacher.

Annoyingly repetitive rap video quiz on heart anatomy


Activity 64-3:  Online game about heart surgery

No real surgery pictures here!  Just cartoon drawings.





How the heart works– 3D video

Lub-Dub from Khan Academy (10 min.)

Circulatory Musical Quiz


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