Mapping the Body with Art VIDEO E-COURSE (Part 4: Organs)


This 4th module uses what you have learned in the previous 3 modules, as we learn about organs and systems.

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This final module (lessons 55-86) takes you through all the organs of the body, plus we look at the endocrine system, negative feedback loops, and the autonomic nervous system.  Each lesson provides a drawing video, a page of text that summarizes the information presented in the drawing, an online quiz, and most lessons provide one or more supplemental activities such as an extra video, an online lab, an experiment or lab you can do at home, a game to play, a crossword puzzle, or an extra art project.

The course is accessed through my STORE.  After you purchase, go to MY COURSES and you should see it listed there.  (If you don’t see module 4 listed, email me and let me know and I will manually add it, The estore is sometimes glitchy about module 4.)

PLEASE NOTE:  Purchasing this video ecourse only gives you access to the videos and all the downloads.  You still have to print out the template pages yourself.  If you would like to avoid a lot of printing, check out the workbook that is now available in the STORE.  Depending on how much it costs for you to print, buying this workbook might actually save you money in the long run.  Color copies of game pages are included in the back, as well as quarter-page samples of all the final drawings, in color.


FAQs  (same list from modules 1 and 3)

1)Are there any special tools or materials required?  Not really, although I do recommend the brand of colored pencils I use in the videos, which is Berol Prismacolor.  But some people like other brands better.  Just don’t go cheap on your colored pencils– the art quality ones are worth the price.   I buy small sets on Amazon, but for large sets I use a 40% off coupon at my local craft store. 

2) Can a middle school student do this course?  Maybe.  The content is challenging.  A motivated/gifted 7th or 8th grader could probably do it.  They could certainly do Module 1.  It gets harder as we go along just because we are constantly adding new parts and more vocabulary.

3) Can I do this with two or more siblings?  Yes.  The only issue would be the quizzes, but there is a reset button.  You can have each student keep track of their own quiz scores.  Or, if you really want each student to have their own account and work independently, there is a way to do this.  After purchasing the course, set up extra account(s) for the extra student(s).  Then email me letting me know these extra email addresses, and I will enter them into the learner management section on the admin for the course.

4) Can this be used with a group?   Yes, you are welcome to view the videos together as a group.  If you want the members of the group to have access to the videos and quizzes at home, I can give a 50% discount to each member of the group.  Just email me about this.


Table of Contents:

 (Lessons 57, 67, and 76 are free and open so you can preview them.)

Lesson 55:  The lymphatic system

Lesson 56: Lymph nodes and the spleen

Lesson 57: Skin

Lesson 58: Hair and nails

Lesson 59: Teeth and tongue

Lesson 60:  Mouth, nose and throat

Lesson 61: Ear

Lesson 62: Eye (anatomy)

Lesson 63: Eye (physiology)

Lesson 64:  The Brain (part 1)

Lesson 65: The Brain (part 2)

Lesson 66: Blood vessels

Lesson 67: Heart

Lesson 68: Lungs

Lesson 69: Liver and Gall Bladder

Lesson 70: Stomach and duodenum

Lesson 71: Pancreas

Lesson 72: Intestines

Lesson 73: Body cavities and Mesentery

Lesson 74:  Kidneys and Bladder

Lesson 75: Bones (as organs)

Lesson 76: The Skeletal system

Lesson 77: Joints

Lesson 78: Muscles (as organs)

Lesson 79: The Skeletal muscles

Lesson 80: The Endocrine system

Lesson 81: Hypothalamus and Pituitary

Lesson 82: Thyroid and Parathyroid

Lesson 83: Adrenal glands

Lesson 84: Autonomic Nervous System

Lesson 85: Male Reproductive system

Lesson 86: Female Reproductive system