Mapping the Body with Art VIDEO E-COURSE (Part 2: Embryology)


Five lessons show you what happens immediately after fertilization.  The end of module 1 left us with a zygote, and we now see how the zygote develops over the course of about 12 weeks.


This second module is very short, only 5 lessons.  These lessons didn’t quite fit with the themes of any of the other modules, so I made embryology its own module. I also guessed that this topic would be the one that students and teachers would be most likely to skip if pressed for time.  I didn’t want to wait and put this topic at the end, as knowing a bit about embryology can enhance our study of tissues and organs.  But if you are pressed for time and need to skip this unit for now, you can always come back later when you have time.


NOTE:  As of April, 202, I have changed this module from “free” to “cheap.”

(If you are purchasing all four modules at once, this module will be included at no extra fee.)