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This is deal of the century! This USB gives you everything you need for this course: all the videos, all the template pages, and all the info pages that go with the drawings.

You can print out all the templates pages yourself, or you still have the option of buying the paperback workbook using one of the following links (or other online booksellers who carry it– just search their site for my name and the book title).   If you can’t order from one of these, contact me:

Links for buying paperback workbook (If you don’t want to print it yourself using the template pages on the USB drive.)

Click here to order on (free shipping worldwide)

Click here to order from Amazon, USA

Click here to order on Books A Million

Click here to order on Barnes & Noble

The title should also be available on Amazon sites outside the US.  Just search using title and author.

NOTE: If you enjoy the course and would recommend it to a friend, consider leaving a 5 star review at the site where you purchased. What 5 stars does is make the book more likely to come up as a suggested purchase when a customer is looking at similar products.


VIDEO REVIEW of this curriculum:

The only downside of using the USB format is that I am not able to provide the supplement youtube videos that I post on each lesson page on the streaming version. Obviously that would be breaking copyright to do, so the USB only has the videos I’ve made for each lesson.  Also, I can’t provide all the online quizzes at the end of each lesson, since I do those using the website software.  I have someone working on making hard copies of all the quizzes but they are not available yet.  However, I do provide all the mid-term tests at the end of each module. Also, I provide all the games and printable activities from the lessons.  So if internet connectivity is an issue for you, the USB format is the way to. (If price isn’t an issue, you can purchase both streaming and USB and have ultimate flexibility. The USB is reusable and can be passed along to a friend when you are done, so it isn’t money down the drain.)

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