• Mapping the World with Art

    48 Lessons in $29.95

    This course teaches you to draw the world from scratch (blank paper). You will need to download the book before you begin the video drawing lessons. Click here to download book. The PDF book has three basic parts: History Lessons that provide a historical context for each drawing lesson. Drawing lessons in a step-by-step format […]

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  • Mapping The Body With Art: TISSUES

    26 Lessons in , $29.95

    In this module we will look at the four types of tissues in the body: epithelial, connective, muscle and nerve.  Since blood is classified as a connective tissue, a large portion of this module will be dedicated to learning about blood cells, including the white cells that form our immune system. If you would like […]

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  • Mapping the Body with Art: EMBRYOLOGY

    5 Lessons in $0.00

    This is a follow-up “mini-course” to the first module, Biochemistry and Cells.  Five lessons in embryology show you what happens during the first 5 weeks of pregnancy.  The emphasis is on early development, showing how the fertilized egg divides and differentiates into layers and then into tissues and organs. If you’d like to print out […]

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  • Mapping The Body With Art: Module 1: BIOCHEMISTRY and CELLS

    25 Lessons in , $24.95

    This module is the first part of a full year high school course in anatomy and physiology.  It can take as little as one quarter (8-9 weeks) or as along as a semester, depending on how many hours per week you work.  (To do it in a quarter you’ll need to spend 4-5 hours per […]

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