HYDROPLATE THEORY for kids— teaching resources

This is an on-going project.  I will be actively working on adding resources over the next few years.

Eventually, I hope to have an entire curriculum available.  But until then, I will post miscellany.

NOTE:  If you happen to be looking for a complete curriculum about geology for ages 10-15, and would like one that gives a solid foundation of mineral chemistry as well as being HPT-friendly, check out this book.  (There is a whole chapter on limestone, with much content taken from ITB.  Also, the last chapter has a 3-page summary of HPT, as well as quotes from N. Christian Smoot’s book “Tectonic Globaloney,” in which he refutes plate tectonics.)



“No Rain Before the Flood” Coloring Page  (shows basics of hydrological cycle before and after Flood)

Hydroplate Theory overview chart — simplified and with pictures to color

Grand Canyon geological layers coloring page (includes out-of-place quartzite block)     This is an excerpt from my curriculum “Rocks and Dirt.”  This activity isn’t for tiny kids even though it is a coloring activity.  It is actually pretty challenging and could even be used with high school kids.  The emphasis is on learning about the layers in the canyon so that you will be able to understand discussions and arguments about the layers.  The activity is designed to be used with a free instructional video (via my own YouTube channel) that guides you step by step and discusses each feature of the drawing.  Allow at least an hour.

Cross section of Mt. Everest: coming soon



Play a game to learn about alpha, beta and gamma decay (perfect for large or small groups)


DEMOS and EXPERIMENTS you can do at home:

Cross-over depth demonstration you can do at home   Have you seen Kevin Lea’s demonstration of cross-over depth using a floating ball in a tall cylinder of water?  Here is an easy way you can make your own version of this gadget using easy-to-find and inexpensive materials!  If you want to see it in action, click here to see a video.  If you want some help assembling it, click here for a video.

How gravity works– a fairly intensive hands-on lab for older kids  (This lab is about the concepts involved in understanding how the expelled particles came together to make asteroids and comets.)

Density lab (Hands-on exploration of density for ages middle and high school)


WORKSHEETS and QUIZZES based on In The Beginning:

Comet study guide for pages 293-296 of 8th edition

Comet anatomy worksheet  (might need to supplement with extra info)

Worksheet on mammoths (fill-in-the-blank format, to help glean out basic facts about anatomy and physiology)

Study guide for liquefaction chapter




Mugs and bags that will get conversations started at school or at the office! 

Go to zazzle.com and search for “Hydroplate Theory.”

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