67: The Heart Quiz

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  1. Where does the blood from the pulmonary arteries go?1
  2. What is the technical term for phase of the cardiac cycle when the chambers are contracting?1
  3. The word root “pulmo” is always associated with the lungs.1
  4. What do the coronary arteries do?1
  5. The contraction of the chambers is what makes the lub dub sound of the heart beat.1
  6. Which blood vessel looks like a giant arch going over the top of the heart?1
  7. Another name for the tricuspid valve is the mitral valve.1
  8. Which chambers have a semilunar valve at the top?1
  9. The definition of a “vein” is that it carries blood that is low in oxygen.1
  10. What does the word root “brachio” mean?1
  11. Which of these blood vessels brings low-oxygen blood from the body into the heart?1
  12. What does the SA node do?1
  13. What is the name of the membrane bag that surrounds the heart?1
  14. The inside of the heart contains lots of “strings.” What do these strings do?1
  15. The heart is actual two separate pumps sitting side by side.1
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