64: The Brain (part 1) Quiz

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  1. Which of these is NOT a connecting piece?1

  2. Which of these keeps track of time of day and makes melatonin at night?1

  3. What is the optic chiasm?1

  4. What is the purpose of the brain’s wrinkles?1

  5. Which of these parts sorts out signals coming from all the sensory neurons in the body?1

  6. Which one of these is NOT a function of the cerebellum?1

  7. Which of these is NOT found on the outside of the cerebrum?1

  8. People who have their corpus callosum cut always die.1

  9. Which one of these is NOT a function of the midbrain?1

  10. Which of these is NOT a part of the limbic system?1

  11. The medulla oblongata controls:1

  12. Gray matter is made of mostly axons.1

  13. What is the function of the limbic system?1

  14. Which of these makes hormones?1

  15. Which of these brain parts connects the cerebrum to the limbic system?1

  16. The pons is mostly concerned with:1

  17. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body.1

  18. The cerebrum has how many hemispheres?1

  19. Which of these controls strong emotions such as fear and anger?1

  20. Which one of these is a “bump”?1

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