62: The eye (anatomy) Quiz

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  1. Which of these acts like a pulley?1
  2. What gives shape and strenght to the eyelid?1
  3. Superior always means better.1
  4. What part helps to drain tears?1
  5. Which is larger, the macula or the fovea?1
  6. What do the tarsal glands make?1
  7. The lacrimal glands produce tears.1
  8. Which of these has a hard outer shell?1
  9. Which of these usually contains the pigment melanin?1
  10. How many muscles control the eye?1
  11. Does the lens contain any blood vessels? (Can you guess this answer?)1
  12. If you cut into an eyeball from the outside, what is the correct order of layers you will hit?1
  13. Which of these does NOT contain muscles?1
  14. Which of these does NOT contain fluid?1
  15. What is the very outer layer on the front of the eye. It’s the layer you touch if you touch your eyeball.1
  16. Where is the hyaloid canal located?1
  17. Which of these parts holds the lens in place?1
  18. Rectus means straight.1
  19. The cells of which part produce the fluid that fills the anterior and posterior chambers?1
  20. Which one of these isn’t really a part at all?1
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