Purpose of game:  To learn about the biology and sheep (and goats) and the art of sheep farming

Target age group:  ages 7-11

Description of activity:  Students answer multiple choice questions about the biology and farming of sheep and goats, then they advance their border collies on the playing board, trying to chase the sheep into the pen.

Time needed to play:  30-45 minutes, though it could be more or less depending on whether you are using it with just a few kids or with a large group.  I used it with a very large group where we had teams and used the square tiles on the floor of an auditorium for the playing board.  We used stuffed animal dogs and a stuffed sheep.  This large scale seemed more appropriate for a herding game.

Materials you will need:  Copies of the game pieces (some printed onto green paper if possible), scissors, and glue (or glue stick)

Click here to download Sheep Herding Game

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