Stingray Hand Puppet


Purpose of activity:

Appreciation of an ocean animal, and a chance to practice craft skills such as cutting and gluing.

Description of activity:

A hand puppet made from fabric

Target age group:

Ages 5-9

Time needed:

This depends upon how much you have prepared ahead of time, and if you are working with a group.  If the students do all the tracing, cutting, gluing and painting themselves, allow at least 45 minutes.  If you have pieces pre-cut, you can trim down the required time to less than 30 minutes.  You can speed up drying time by using a hair dryer or fan.  You could also divide the project into two shorter work session of 20 minutes each, and have the painting one day, and assembly the next (or vice versa).

Materials you will need:

Scissors, pencil, white felt, blue and black (acrylic) craft paint, small “pom-poms,” fabric glue, and your selection of fabric from which to make the body of the ray (some kind of tan or off-white or mottled fabric that is fairly thick and does not fray easily)

Click here to download patterns and instructions for sting ray puppet

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