VIRUSES lesson 2: Size and prevalence Quiz

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  1. Which of these is the smallest?1
  2. The papilloma virus causes warts.1
  3. The coronavirus is a large megavirus.1
  4. All viruses are bad.1
  5. How many nanometers are in a micron?1
  6. How many microns are in a millimeter?1
  7. The word “vaccine” comes from the Latin word for cow.1
  8. How wide is DNA?1
  9. Which virus looks like it has a bow tie inside?1
  10. All the viruses in our body are collectively known as our ___.1
  11. Which of these is the largest?1
  12. How many bacteriophages live in the ocean?1
  13. For everyone one of our human cells, we have how many viruses?1
  14. Whales don’t carry as many viruses as humans do.1
  15. Which virus is used to track human migration from continent to continent?1
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