VIRUSES lesson 9: The Body Fights Back Quiz

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  1. Which organelle digests things?1
  2. Interferon causes many anti-viral proteins to be made, and we know exactly what each one does.1
  3. Which cell can feel the absence of MHC-1 flags?1
  4. Killer T cells must get permission from T helper cells before killing a body cell.1
  5. The Y-shaped antibodies that B cells make will stick to any virus.1
  6. Which of these cells will eat anything that is covered in Y-shaped antibodies?1
  7. Which of these is NOT a sensor molecule?1
  8. How does RIG-1 work?1
  9. What are granzymes?1
  10. Why do the phagocytes (roaming eaters) have MHC-2 clips on their surface?1
  11. This lesson showed all the cell types in the immune system.1
  12. Skin is a good barrier against viruses because the outer layer is made of dead cells.1
  13. Some of your cells were built with atoms and molecules that used to be part of viruses.1
  14. All the viral sensors are designed to stimulate production of interferon (IFN).1
  15. Which of these cells has a perforin gun?1
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