VIRUSES lesson 8: Viruses Inside Cells Quiz

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  1. Both polio and herpes are viruses that like to migrate into nerve cells.1
  2. Chickenpox is not really a pox family virus.1
  3. Which of these cell receptors does poliovirus use?1
  4. Which of these is NOT true of herpes simplex?1
  5. Proteins “scissors” (proteases) can cut any protein.1
  6. Which of these is NOT a job done by one of herpes’ tegument proteins?1
  7. Why does herpes stop the ER from making MHC1 flags?1
  8. There are many herpes family viruses that don’t infect humans.1
  9. How long can a herpes virus stay in its lysogenic (dormant) stage?1
  10. Which virus chops and shreds cellular DNA inside the nucleus?1
  11. What does the poliovirus do in its replication complexes?1
  12. From which cell part does herpes get its envelope?1
  13. Which one of these events in the life cycle of herpes occurs outside the nucleus?1
  14. Which of these is NOT true about poliovirus?1
  15. Polio and herpes are equally destructive to Golgi bodies.1
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