VIRUSES lesson 7: Inside a Capsid Quiz

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  1. REVIEW: Who invented a vaccine for Rabies?1
  2. Which type of information is NOT found in a viral genome?1
  3. REVIEW: Which of these tools allowed scientists to discover the existence of viruses?1
  4. Some viruses carry information on how to make protein gadgets that will break cell machinery.1
  5. REVIEW: Which of these is NOT made of lipids?1
  6. Viruses need all of these things except one. Which one does it NOT need?1
  7. REVIEW: Which of these life cycles allows the virus to hide for a long time?1
  8. Which of these viruses carries the largest number of protein tools inside its capsid?1
  9. Which of these is NOT something that RNA can have?1
  10. A virus that has a genome made of DNA will probably be very interested in going into the nucleus.1
  11. Which virus uses Reverse Transcriptase to turn its RNA into DNA?1
  12. Which one of these viruses has the smallest genome?1
  13. Which virus has a pear-shaped capsid?1
  14. Which of these viruses has a segmented genome?1
  15. Which of these is not a type of virus genome?1
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