VIRUSES lesson 6: Inside a Cell Quiz

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  1. What are lipids made of?1
  2. Cellular “scissor” enzymes can only cut one thing.1
  3. Which of these is NOT made of lipids?1
  4. Which one of these is NOT a raw material that the cell uses?1
  5. Which cell part digests and recycles?1
  6. Which organelle is most like a post office?1
  7. Which organelle makes energy for the cell?1
  8. Which part of the cell contains many copying machines?1
  9. Cellular “mailing labels” are usually made of lipids.1
  10. Which place is most dangerous to a virus?1
  11. A virus that has a genome made of DNA will probably be very interested in going into the nucleus.1
  12. Sometimes very long protein chains need helpers to make sure they get folded correctly.1
  13. Nucleotides are used to make:1
  14. What does a polymerase make?1
  15. Which of these structures has a “clip” at the top?1
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