VIRUSES lesson 5: How Viruses Enter Cells Quiz

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  1. Which of these is NOT a glycoprotein?1
  2. All viruses need to merge (fuse) with the host membrane.1
  3. CD4 is found on T cells, which are important members of your immune system. Which virus attaches to CD4?1
  4. Cell can’t communicate because they can’t talk.1
  5. Which receptor does coronavirus attach to?1
  6. REVIEW: Which cycle is the one where the virus hides for a long time inside the host’s genome?1
  7. Some enzymes act like scissors.1
  8. Which one of these could NOT be a type of influenza?1
  9. What does “clathrin coating” of an endosome do?1
  10. Some viruses can stick to red blood cells.1
  11. Cells have identification tags.1
  12. Which is true of a motor protein?1
  13. Can you remember which of these is a naked virus with no envelope?1
  14. Cell receptors where viruses bind were first discovered while Mrs. McHenry (the author) was a young adult.1
  15. Why are the proton pumps so important in these lessons?1
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