VIRUSES lesson 4: Bacteriophages Quiz

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  1. What does “morphology” refer to?1
  2. Every living cell is surrounded by at least one membrane made of lipids.1
  3. Viral DNA is not the same as bacterial DNA.1
  4. Which of these diseases did d’Herelle not try to cure with phages?1
  5. What type of bacteria does T4 attack?1
  6. The lytic cycle allows the virus to hide for a long time.1
  7. Which one of these is NOT a viral part?1
  8. Which continent did d”Herelle never visit?1
  9. Bactetiophages can slowly walk using their “legs” (tail fibers).1
  10. What does a ribosome do?1
  11. How fast can a bacteriophage do its entire replication process inside a cell?1
  12. What disease does “Yersinia pestis” bacteria cause?1
  13. What is the function of a phage’s tail fibers?1
  14. Some enzymes can dissolve (break apart) proteins.1
  15. Which one of these is NOT a bacteria part?1
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