VIRUSES lesson 3: History of discovery Quiz

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  1. Which type of virus will grow in eggs?1
  2. Who was the first person to isolate viruses using a Chamberland filter?1
  3. What do you call something that transfers disease from one organism to another?1
  4. PCR uses an enzyme called Taq polymerase. What is its unusal capability?1
  5. What technique did Rosalind Franklin use to help Watson and Crick discover the structure of DNA?1
  6. Jonas Salk made a vaccine for what viral disease?1
  7. Who made the classification system for viruses?1
  8. This tool provided the first step toward the discovery of viruses.1
  9. Who developed a vaccine for rabies?1
  10. As far as we know, smallpox has been eliminated.1
  11. What does “in vitro” mean?1
  12. The vaccinia virus is a very popular species for scientific research. From what original virus did it come?1
  13. For centuries, people had been using this procedure to prevent smallpox. Healthy people were exposed to small amounts of pus or scabs from someone with smallpox.1
  14. SARS. MERS and Covid-19 are all coronaviruses.1
  15. Tobacco Mosaic Virus was the first virus to be imaged with an electron microscope.1
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