VIRUSES lesson 10: Vaccines and anti-virals Quiz

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  1. What is the purpose of an adjuvant?1
  2. The goal of an anti-viral medicine is to block or break a viral part without harming the body cell.1
  3. Which one is true of Acyclovir?1
  4. There are still some viruses for which we have neither vaccine nor anti-viral medicine.1
  5. How can viruses become resistant to anti-viral medicines?1
  6. Only immune system cells have MHC-2 receptors.1
  7. Only guanine rungs can be mimicked by anti-viral analogue medicines.1
  8. Which researcher used chemicals to damage the polio virus?1
  9. There is just one type of influezna vaccine.1
  10. What does the word “attenuated” mean?1
  11. Sabin’s attenuated polio vaccine could still infect intestinal cells.1
  12. Polio’s genome has been completely mapped out, down to every last rung of its RNA.1
  13. Only B cells can become memory cells.1
  14. Sabin knew exactly how his vaccine worked.1
  15. Immune cells must have whole virus capsids in order to make antibodies.1
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