VIRUSES lesson 1: Morphology and anatomy Quiz

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  1. Which one of these letters never appears in DNA or RNA?1
  2. Which of these viruses is the smallest?1
  3. Why does a virus have spikes?1
  4. How many sides does an icosahedron have?1
  5. Which one of these atoms is NOT in an amino acid molecule?1
  6. Which of these viruses looks like a bullet?1
  7. Sometimes you find tiny proteins inside a capsid, along with the genome of DNA or RNA.1
  8. Where does a virus gets its lipid envelope (if it has one)?1
  9. What does the Pandoravirus attack?1
  10. Which of the viruses attacks plants?1
  11. Where do you find a virus’s matrix (if it has one)?1
  12. The only parts that ALL viruses have in common are: a capsid and a genome.1
  13. What is a virus capsid made of?1
  14. What are proteins made of?1
  15. Where did the name “Ebola” come from?1
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