76: The skeleton Quiz

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  1. In which of these would you NOT find spongy marrow?1
  2. Which bone looks a little like a butterfly?1
  3. How many vertebrae are there in all, counting the fused ones?1
  4. REVIEW: Which of these cells dissolves bones tissue to release calcium into the blood?1
  5. REVIEW: What is the site of bone growth?1
  6. What does the styloid process do?1
  7. Where do you find sutures?1
  8. The atlas and the axis belong to which group of vertebrae?1
  9. How many pairs of ribs are attached to the costal cartilage?1
  10. Where does the coccyx get its name?1
  11. Which of these cranium bones is NOT named after a lobe of the brain?1
  12. How many vertebrae are in the thoracic grouping?1
  13. Which one of these is NOT in the leg?1
  14. What is the correct name for the collar bone?1
  15. Which of these pairs is unrelated?1
  16. Here’s an analogy puzzle: Ilium is to coxal bone, as temporal bone is to ____.1
  17. REVIEW: What is at the center of an osteon?1
  18. Where do you find the ethmoid bone?1
  19. Which bones are right next to each other?1
  20. Which bone holds teeth?1
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