69: Liver and gall bladder Quiz

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  1. Which of these organells is responsible for getting rid of toxins?1
  2. REVIEW: Which one of these does NOT go through the diaphragm?1
  3. Where does the gall bladder connect to the digestive system?1
  4. Which of these does the descencing aorta NOT connect to?1
  5. Which of these functions can the liver NOT do?1
  6. Why do hepatocytes have so much smooth endoplasmic reticulum?1
  7. The hepatic arteries are the liver’s only source of oxygen.1
  8. Which of these can the liver NOT do?1
  9. What are triads made of?1
  10. Which of these blood vessels would you NOT find in the liver?1
  11. Where do you find Kupffer cells?1
  12. Which of these connects to the inferior vena cava?1
  13. What do LDL and HDL do?1
  14. What does the gall bladder do?1
  15. Where is the primary location for recycling of erythrocytes (red blood cells)?1
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