63: The eye (physiology) Quiz

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  1. Which of these is NOT a job that the pigmented epithelial cells do?1

  2. Which of these leads right into the optic nerve?1

  3. Which amino acid to we find functioning as a neurotransmitter at the ends of rods and cones?1

  4. You have more rods than cones.1

  5. Your blind spot is right over your fovea.1

  6. Which of these parts holds the lens in place?1

  7. Pigmented epithelial cells regenerate when damaged, just like skin cells.1

  8. Which of these is a color that cones don’t respond to?1

  9. What holds the rhodopsin molecule in place?1

  10. What happens when a photon of light hits the retinal molecule?1

  11. Which is smaller, rhodopsin or retinal?1

  12. Where will you find the highest number of cone cells?1

  13. The retina sees images upside down.1

  14. Which one of these allows us to see at night?1

  15. When it is dark, the rods are switched on and are releasing neurotransmitters.1

  16. Which of these let the rods and cones communicate with each other?1

  17. Which cell part makes a microtubule highway through a narrow passage in the rod and cone cells?1

  18. To view things farther away, the lens must become flatter.1

  19. Which is larger, the macula or the fovea?1

  20. Which of these parts bends light?1

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