61: The ear Quiz

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  1. What is the function of the middle ear?1

  2. How many semicircular canals are in the vestibular system?1

  3. What causes the hair cells to trigger the neurons to send a signal?1

  4. Where is the end of the Eustachian tube? (where fresh air can flow in or out)1

  5. Which of these ensures equal pressure on both sides of the eardrum?1

  6. Which one of these is NOT part of the inner ear?1

  7. Which of these is NOT a part of the organ of Corti?1

  8. Which of these is involved with our sense of balance?1

  9. Where does the word “cochlea” come from?1

  10. Both the middle ear and inner ear are filled with fluid.1

  11. Which one of these is NOT part of the middle ear?1

  12. Which of these describes the hearing range of humans?1

  13. Which of these touches the stirrip (stapes)?1

  14. Which of these touches the eardrum?1

  15. The shape of the pinna helps to bring in sound, especially the frequencies of the human voice.1

  16. What Hertz range is the human voice?1

  17. Which of these is the smallest bone in the body?1

  18. Which of these words accurately describes the eardrum?1

  19. The entire outer ear (the part we see) is correctly called the:1

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