24: Epigenetic Mechanisms Quiz

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  1. Genes can be made up of many different DNA sections that are spread out and must be spliced together.1

  2. When a gene is being used and being transcribed, we say it is being _______________.1

  3. What do nucleosomes/histones help to do?1

  4. How many histones come together to make the nucleosome?1

  5. What is the “methyl” group?1

  6. The DNA in the nucleus contains every bit of information that any cell will ever need for the entire lifetime of the organism.1

  7. What does methylation do to DNA?1

  8. What does “epi-genetics” roughly mean?1

  9. MicroRNAs or miRNAs help to regulate gene expression by1

  10. The “switches” on nucleosomes (histone spools) can be activated by all of these molecules EXCEPT:1

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