24: Epigenetic Mechanisms

This lesson shows how DNA replication can be encouraged or discouraged.  When a gene is used and a protein is made, we say the gene is “expressed.”  We will see three ways that cells can control whether a gene is expressed.  This control of genes is a new field of science called “epigenetics.”  (“Epi” means “around the outside.”)



52 minutes

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Activity 24-1   Online epigenetics labs  (Univ. of Utah website)

Explore the Learn Genetics website on epigenetics. There is a lot of great content on this site, including games, videos and activities. Specifically check out the activities on Gene Control where you can play around with adding or removing tags and watching the chromatin respond, and the rat pup experiment called Lick Your Rats that demonstrates how environmental stimuli can turn genes on or off in rats.







4)  QUIZ


If the online quiz is not working, or you need a printed copy of the quiz for any reason, you can find a PDF file on the main module page that lets you print all the quizzes.


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