2: Carbon atoms and fatty acids Quiz

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  1. CH4 is1
  2. How many carbon atoms does propane have?1
  3. A fatty acid is a COOH group attached to a chain of carbons (with H’s attached to them).1
  4. Which type of substance can dissolve in water?1
  5. Which one of these is not a form of pure carbon?1
  6. True or false: Hydrogen atoms like to be right next to each other.1
  7. What makes methane a non-polar molecule?1
  8. What is the “fat” part of a fatty acid?1
  9. How many bonds can a carbon atom make?1
  10. What is one reason that two carbon atoms would bond with each other?1
  11. When COOH is attached to a molecule, this makes it a(n)1
  12. Why is COOH called an acid?1
  13. Which shape is most similar to a methane molecule?1
  14. Which substance will be able to have more drops on a penny?1
  15. What is the reason that oil and water do not mix?1
  16. True or false? Water molecules are very likely to intereact with methane molecules.1
  17. How many electrons does a hydrogen atom have?1
  18. Is oil polar or nonpolar?1
  19. Food chemists can open double bonds in a carbon chain and put hydrogens in. If you read good labels you will see this listed as1
  20. How many protons does a carbon atom have? (which is the same as its atomic number)1
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