1: The water molecule

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It seems fitting to begin our study of the human body with water, since our bodies are 60 to 70 percent water. We have water both inside and outside all of our cells.  We will find out why water is called a “polar” molecule, and in future lessons we will see how the polarity of water plays a vital role in our body’s biochemistry.


38 minutes

Template page for drawing 1

Info page for drawing 1

Finished drawing sample for lesson 1


Activity 1-1:  Use an online “lab” to experiment with water molecules.

Online interactive water molecule animation


Activity 1-2: “Exploring polarity with paper molecules”

(Allow 10-15 minutes prep time, 30 minutes for the video.) Click on the first link to download and print the pages you will need for this activity.   When you have all the molecules cut out and ready to go, use the video link to do the activity.

Patterns and instructions for Activity 1.2 Paper Molecules


Activity 1-3:  Lab:  Drops of water on a penny (demonstrates hydrogen bonding)

You will need a penny, an eye dropper and a small container of water.

How many drops of water can you put on top of a penny?  The water molecules are attracted to each other because of hydrogen bonding, so they’ll try to stay on top of the penny and not fall off.   If you’d like to watch a video demonstration of this, there should be one in the playlist on YouTube (see the explanation in (3) below).  It’s amazing how many drops you can add before they spill over!




4)  QUIZ

You need to get a 60 percent to pass the quiz.  You can reset the quiz and take it again if you need to.

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