17: Prokaryotes (part 2) Quiz

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  1. Until recently, archae and eubacteria used to be classified together as just “bacteria” because they are very similar.1
  2. Some bacteria have an outermost layer called the capsule. What is it made of?1
  3. How are cilia different from flagella?1
  4. What does “motility” mean?1
  5. The results from a Gram stain tell us about what part of a bacteria?1
  6. What is the MOST common means of locomotion for a bacteria?1
  7. Archae bacteria are not suseptible to penicillin or erythromycin.1
  8. Which of these is NOT a difference between eubacteria and archae?1
  9. The Herxheimer reaction is when your body feels sick because it is processing toxin that are most commonly released by which kind of bacteria when they die?1
  10. All bacteria that are Gram negative are bad/pathogens.1
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