17: Prokaryotes (part 2)

In this lesson, we find out how bacteria move, and we learn what “Gram positive” means.  We also see another category of bacteria called Archaea.



37 minutes

Template page for drawing 17

Info page for drawing 17

Finished drawing sample for lesson 17



 Activity 17-1   Gram staining lab (interactive online lab)

Ideally at this point, we would be able to come to your house and help you do a gram stain on several slides fixed with bacteria! Alas, we will have to just use the magic of youtube to visit you virtually for this lab. Watch these videos on the gram staining procedure (now that you know the difference between gram negative and gram positive cell walls!)

Gram Staining Procedure video 1

Gram Staining Procedure video 2

Okay now you’re ready to try the lab! Interactive Gram Staining Lab

(If you really want to give this a try at home you can buy gram staining kits from lab supply websites like Carolina Biological.)








4)  QUIZ


If the online quiz is not working, or you need a printed copy of the quiz for any reason, you can find a PDF file on the main course page that lets you print all the quizzes.


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