1: The water molecule Quiz

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  1. Water is a polar molecule.1

    True / False

  2. How many protons does a hydrogen atom have?1
  3. Which one of these does a water molecule NOT do?1
  4. The Periodic Table is a complete list of all known…1
  5. Water molecules can break apart into and H+ and an OH-. What is the OH- part called?1
  6. What do you call H3O?1
  7. The oxygen atom of the water molecule has a slightly negative charge to it.1
  8. An oxygen atom has how many protons?1
  9. The words “hydrogen ion” and “proton” can be used interchangeably.1
  10. NaOH (sodium hydroxide) will dissolve in water because it is…1
  11. What causes salt to dissolve in water?1
  12. What is another name for a hydrogen ion?1
  13. Regular water never has any ions (H+ or OH-) in it.1
  14. When a molecule has one side that is more negative and one side that is more positive, we say that the atom is…1
  15. Why does the “ear” side of the water molecule have a positive electrical charge?1
  16. What percentage of an adult human body is water molecules?1
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