1: The water molecule Quiz

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  1. What is another name for a hydrogen ion?1
  2. How many protons does a hydrogen atom have?1
  3. Water is a polar molecule.1

    True / False

  4. The words “hydrogen ion” and “proton” can be used interchangeably.1
  5. What percentage of an adult human body is water molecules?1
  6. Which one of these does a water molecule NOT do?1
  7. Why does the “ear” side of the water molecule have a positive electrical charge?1
  8. An oxygen atom has how many protons?1
  9. When a molecule has one side that is more negative and one side that is more positive, we say that the atom is…1
  10. The oxygen atom of the water molecule has a slightly negative charge to it.1
  11. Regular water never has any ions (H+ or OH-) in it.1
  12. What do you call H3O?1
  13. The Periodic Table is a complete list of all known…1
  14. Water molecules can break apart into and H+ and an OH-. What is the OH- part called?1
  15. NaOH (sodium hydroxide) will dissolve in water because it is…1
  16. What causes salt to dissolve in water?1
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