The Poison Dart Frog Game
























Purpose of activity:  To have fun learning about the life cycle of the poison dart frog of Central and South America rainforests

Target age group:  6-12, with adaptations for younger and older ages

How many can play:  up to 4 players per tree (possibly more, in a pinch, if you double up and have two players share a section of tree)

Prep time:  This game takes quite a lot of preparation ahead of time.  The teacher/adult will probably need to make the trees ahead of time since they require cutting with a sharp knife.  It is possible that the students might be able to help with assembly of frogs and predators.  Total prep time for one game if one person does all the prep: about 2 hours.  However, all the pieces can be recycled and used again, so if you take the time to make a nice game set, store it well and you will be able to get it out again in a future month/year and play it right away without all the prep time.

You will need:  color copies of pattern pages, green paper or card stock, a tri-fold cardboard presentation board (available at most craft stores and at places like WalMart), an X-Acto knife, scissors, masking tape, glue stick, and brown paint if you want to paint your tree.  (Optional– artificial leaves if you want to decorate your forest floor platform, and a glue gun to tack them down.  You could also use paper leaves.)

Click here to download the patterns and instructions for the Poison Dart Frog Game

Click here to view a video that shows you how to make the cardboard tree.

Click here to view a video that shows you how to play the game.  (coming)

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