30: Tissue types, and intro to Epithelial tissue


47 minutes

This lesson will introduce the four types of tissues (52 minutes).  You will need to download and print out the template page listed below, plus the info page.  (The info page gives a summary of the information presented in the drawing video.  It’s great for review.  You can print it on the back of the template page if you want to.  If you are putting the pages into a three-ring binder, you might also want the info page facing the drawing page so you can see both at once.)

Template page for drawing 30

Info page for drawing 30

Finished drawing sample for 30


There are no activities for this introductory lesson.  Just proceed to the next lesson.

3)  QUIZ

You may take the quiz as many times as necessary.  You must score at least 60 percent to pass.

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