FOOD to FECES:  An interactive “tour” of the digestive system


Teachers/co-op leaders:  Do you need to present an informative-yet-fun class about the human digestive system?   This activity might be what you are looking for!  (Even if you are not leading a group, you still might find this fun to do with your own kids at home!)

Description of activity:  An imaginary, interactive “tour” through the digestive system where a leader reads a script that includes both information and activities about the digestive system.

Target audience: ages 8-12, though could be used with older if you take out (or adapt) the imaginary journey part

Time needed:  about an hour if you do all the activities

Materials needed:  9 color copies, a few b&w copies, scissors and glue stick, crackers and cookies, paper towels, lemon juice, some chicken livers and gizzards if possible, gummy worms, paper, edible brown dough  (more specific list given in the pdf)


Click here to download complete instructions and patterns




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