“Flower Flip”


Purpose of activity:

To learn about some of the ways that flowers can be classified.   (Also, to get kids to observe flowers a lot more closely than they normally do.)

Target age group:

Any age (can be adapted to younger or older)

Description of activity:

There are 72 full-color flower pictures cards and 48 category cards. Picture cards are divided among the players.  Category cards are turned over and players check to see any of their flowers fit into that category.  Categories include color, number of petals, geometric shape, symmetry, and more.

Time needed:

15-45 minutes or more (depends on the attention span of your players and the amount of time you have)

Materials you will need:

Copies of the color pattern pages printed onto white card stock, scissors, (laminating plastic if you want to make the cards durable)

Click here to download Flower Flip patterns

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