Cut-and-assemble Paper Clam


Purpose of project:

To provide an alternative to dissection, OR to provide a pre-lab exercise that will enhance the dissection experience.

Target age group:

Ages 8-16

Description of activity:

A cut-and-assemble project showing the internal anatomy of a clam.  There is a pre-labeled pattern for younger students and a label-it-yourself version for older students.  Parts can be colored if desired.  Foot slides in and out and siphons are funnel-shaped (but get slightly flattened for storage).  Gills are represented by thin tracing paper.  Nerves are represented by dark-colored threads that are glued in place (forming three ganglions where they cross).

Time needed:

This really depends on the age group you are using it with.  Older students will be able to complete it in about 30 minutes.  Younger students might take longer.

Materials you will need:

Patterns printed onto card stock, scissors, white glue, a small amount of tracing paper (can substitute tissue paper), a small amount of dark-colored thread, and colored pencils if you want to color the organs.

Click here to download patterns and instructions

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