“Quick Six”


Purpose of game:

To become familiar with the chemical elements (names, symbols, what they are used for)

Target age group:

Ages 8-14


There is one card for every element on the Periodic Table.  The card gives basic information about the element, including what it is used for.  Each player is dealt a hand of six cards.  A “caller” calls out clues such as “An element whose name starts with the letter C,” or, “An element that is used in dentistry.”  Then the players scramble to be first one to identify such a card in their hand.  It’s a fast-paced game and can accommodate up to 8 players.  In my experience, I’ve found that students will ask to play the game over and over again!

Time needed:

Any amount of time– play as long as you like.  (One round could take anywhere from 2-10 minutes.  Like many other card games, you play multiple rounds.)

Materials you will need:

Photocopies of the twelve pattern pages printed onto card stock, scissors (optional: colored pencils to add a bit of color to the small pictures on each card)



Click here to download Quick Six patterns and instructions


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