7: Membranes (part 3: The Fluid Mosaic Model) Quiz

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  1. What keeps transmembrane proteins bound to the membrane?1

  2. Which layer of the membrane has more phospholipid molecules in it?1

  3. All transmembrane proteins are integral proteins, but not all integral proteins are transmembrane proteins.1

  4. What is the job of the enzyme Flippase?1

  5. Lipid rafts help proteins that belong together, stay together.1

  6. Peripheral proteins1

  7. Only the cells in your reproductive system have “self” ID tags.1

  8. What process is the enzyme Flippase especially helpful for?1

  9. When a protein passes all the way through a membrane from one side to the other, it is called a/an1

  10. Where might you find a higher concentration of cholesterol in a membrane?1

  11. “Oligo” is Greek for:1

  12. “Glyco” is Greek and “sacchar” is Latin for1

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