6: Membranes (part 2: Membrane Transport) Quiz

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  1. Facilitated diffusion is a form of active transport.1
  2. Diffusion is an example of1
  3. Endocytosis is the process cells use to bring large molecules into the cell.1
  4. Unlike passive transport, active transport requires the use of _____________.1
  5. Small molecules like oxygen and carbon dioxide can diffuse directly through a cell membrane.1
  6. Facilitated diffusion is a form of passive transport.1
  7. Endocytosis is an example of1
  8. Pumps move molecules against their concentration gradient.1
  9. What kinds of energy are commonly used by pumps during active transport? (Select all right answers)1
  10. Which of these is NOT true of exocytosis?1
  11. Proton pumps require the use of energy to work.1
  12. Aquaporin, a channel protein, helps with the facilitated diffusion of ______________ across the cell membrane.1
  13. Nothing except water can diffusion through a cell membrane.1
  14. What is true about passive transport?1
  15. In diffusion, molecules will naturally move _____________ their concentration gradient.1
  16. What is a concentration gradient?1
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