52: The action potential and the synapse Quiz

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  1. To what gadget do neurotransmitters stick after they cross the gap?1

  2. What is the ration of Na to K ions pumped by the Na/K pump?1

  3. Where does the action potential start?1

  4. When the axon is resting, which is more abundant inside the membrane?1

  5. The action potential can cross the synaptic cleft.1

  6. What does the Na/K pump do?1

  7. What crosses the synaptic cleft?1

  8. An influx of sodium ions into the axon is what generates the action potential.1

  9. The action potential can travel up and down, back and forth, along the neuron.1

  10. Saltatory conduction gets its name from the Latin word “saltare” meaning:1

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