5: Membranes (part 1) Quiz

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  1. What important job does the lysosome do?1
  2. What geometric shape will phospholipids automatically form when put into a polar substance?1
  3. Can an enzyme do more than one job?1
  4. What is the electrical charge of a phosphate ion?1
  5. What is the inside of a lysosome like?1
  6. The Greek word for “dissolve or break apart” is:1
  7. An empty phospholipid sphere is called a:1
  8. REVIEW: Is water polor or non-polar?1
  9. How many different types of digestive enzymes might be in a lysosome?1
  10. Which part of a phospholipid molecule loves water– the head or the tails?1
  11. When a cell needs a bag to store or transport something, it uses a:1
  12. A lipsome that is filled with water or air is called a:1
  13. REVIEW: What does hydrophilic mean?1
  14. REVIEW: A glycerol hanger with three fatty acids attached is called a:1
  15. An acid donates what to its environment?1
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