4: Lipids (part 2: Phospholipids) Quiz

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  1. EPA and DHA are1

  2. Water molecules are attracted to the phosphate head of the phospholipid.1

  3. The part of the phospholipid that is hydrophobic is the1

  4. Carbon atoms cannot form rings; only long hydrocarbon chains like those found in fatty acids.1

  5. “Hydrophillic” means:1

  6. An unsaturated fatty acids has no double bonds in its hydrocarbon chain.1

  7. A very basic phospholipid molecule is composed of1

  8. An electrically unbalanced molecule is called1

  9. EPA and DHA are “good” fatty acids.1

  10. The “tail” of a phospholipid is hydrophilic.1

  11. How many bonds does Phosphorus usually want to make?1

  12. Phosphate is negatively charged1

  13. Phosphate is1

  14. There are many different kinds of omega-3 fatty acids.1

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